Private Classes

Raleigh Dove, C-IAYT
Certified Member, International Association of Yoga Therapists

Private instruction fees:
Initial appointment $80     Your first appointment will last 90 minutes. It includes a detailed assessment of your lifestyle, condition and goals. I will give you basic education in yoga's purpose and methodology. You will learn 1-3 basic practices (indicated by your assessment and current condition) that you can begin practicing on your own.
Subsequent classes $65      They are 60 minutes in length. We will check in, note benefits/changes as a result of your yoga practices, review/modify as necessary, learn additional practices as indicated.

Yoga mats and props are supplied. Classes may also be scheduled at your home or office. Please inquire about fees for private group instruction. To schedule, call Raleigh at (719) 481-4137

       My passion is helping people with health challenges and physical injuries of all types enhance their lives through yoga. I credit my yoga practice with helping to maintain my own good health since undergoing treatment for breast cancer in 2000. 

       Yoga practice is highly effective when one learns to practice in accordance with his/her individual body, condition and needs. It supports the body’s natural ability to heal, when practiced consistently and appropriately. Part of my job is to help the student gain an awareness of old patterns in the mind and body that interfere with the body's ability to maintain optimal health. I then guide the student to let go of such patterns, and replace them with more effective ways of moving, breathing and using the mind, so as to increase well-being on all levels.

       My students learn to practice yoga safely, blending ancient wisdom and modern science to achieve genuine, lasting benefits. The tools I use include breathing techniques, postural assessment, asana practice (yoga poses), movement, deep relaxation, yoga nidra, meditation and more. Yoga practice is not about treating disease. Rather, it is about supporting your mind, body and spirit to optimize your well-being, whatever your health condition. Please contact me to see how an informed yoga practice can be helpful for you.  

*Individual instruction for people with special needs (i.e. arthritis, musculoskeletal injuries, cancer, chronic pain, feet issues, anxiety, scoliosis, postural issues, autoimmune illness, etc.)
*Instruction in meditation, restorative yoga, chair yoga and deep relaxation techniques for stress reduction
*One-on-one attention for students new to yoga, prior to attending public classes
*Guidance in creating a customized home practice
*Fitness yoga for those desiring an alternative to public group classes, targeting your specific needs
*Private instruction for groups/organizations in your location or our studio

Yoga is not intended to treat disease, nor to be a substitute for medical care. Yoga IS an effective complement to Western medicine. Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of therapeutic yoga practices in relieving/reversing a variety of conditions, and the body of modern documentation is growing rapidly.