Yoga Pathways

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Teacher Mentoring

      Dedicated yoga teachers know that continual practice and study is important to their growth and development as a teacher. It is REALLY not about being able to perform advanced pretzel poses (or I wouldn't be doing this!). More people than ever before, and with all kinds of health conditions, are turning to yoga for improved health and well-being, and professional instructors have the honor and the responsibility to guide their students safely on this path.

      Beginning-level teacher training programs vary widely in which aspects of yoga practice and instruction they focus on. A newer teacher may find that he/she needs further practice and learning in order to achieve the confidence and skill level necessary for serving their student community well.

      This was certainly true for me! I had been practicing yoga for more than a decade when I decided to enter into teacher training. Since I completed my first teacher training course and began teaching in 1999, my understanding of yoga and my ability to connect in a meaningful way with my students has increased tremendously. There were fewer options for training at that time, and it  became part of my lifestyle to travel out of town several times every year to attend workshops and trainings with highly skilled teachers. I've also completed the Inner Peace Yoga Therapy certification program to further my growing work with students who have special challenges. Of course I also maintain my own practices and study at home on a regular basis. 

      My passion for the art and science of yoga, and the very real benefits that come to the practitioner, lead me to the work of mentoring other teachers on this path.  If you are a yoga instructor who is interested in enhancing your skills in specific areas of teaching, contact me to discuss the possibilities. I would be honored to work with you.