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From my students...

I have been attending Raleigh Dove's gentle yoga classes off and on for over 5 years! I live 45 minutes from Monument but make a point to come to her classes. I love that she integrates physical and emotional healing and health education in her practice. I learn a new approach to my healing every time I attend! I highly recommend her for any level of yoga experience. If you want to truly understand the beauty and intrigue of what yoga has to offer come to Yoga Pathways studio and experience a great physical and emotional release with Raleigh Dove!
- Katie Lisowski 
When I finish a yoga session with Raleigh, I think:   “Now that was a great practice”.  Then it occurs to me that I say that…every time!  Raleigh is playful, skilled and intuitive.  Whatever the mix of students, she tailors her approach according to each individuals need and to the communal energy.  The balance of mindfulness and physicality she brings is a very special gift.  Raleigh is all about making you feel welcome and special.  Joining her classes has been a great pleasure and a real gift!
-Carol Branaman

My introduction to yoga was a restorative workshop taught by Raleigh Dove after my treatments ended for breast cancer.  Although I did not plan to continue beyond the workshop, I now attend classes whenever possible due to Raleigh’s empathy, encouragement and teaching skills.  Raleigh is patient with those new to yoga, giving step-by-step instructions for each stretch, and each class is unique.  I leave feeling calm and peaceful, both physically and mentally.  I am beyond grateful to Raleigh as she has made a significant impact on my life and become a vital part of my recovery!
-Elaine Silver

I can't say enough good things about Yoga Pathways and Raleigh's instruction!  I love the warm, peaceful, and accepting atmosphere at the Yoga Pathways Studio. Yoga had been recommended to me for a few years when people learned that I had chronic back pain. But just recently I also realized I needed some emotional healing and I made it a point to finally attend a class. I'm SO glad I did! Yoga has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself, and I am so thankful I went to Raleigh's classes. She is a fantastic teacher and very caring and personable. Her soothing voice and gentle eaching methods soothe my soul and bring me peace and healing. Thank you so much Raleigh! I have been immensely blessed by you.
-MaryAnn Broussard

I have been Raleigh's student on and off for more than eight years. Having zero experience with yoga, came to her class as part of a commitment to regain a healthy fitness level. Her patience, knowledge, and compassion made that experience physically, mentally, and emotionally positiveSince then, the benefits I’ve experienced from practicing with Raleigh have not only helped me physically, but attending her classes during a time of grief also helped me to heal emotionally. Icurrently in Raleigh’s gentle yoga classes. Ia breast cancer survivor, and this class is perfect for me because Raleigh encourages us to adapt our practice to fit our own personal needs and restrictions. I find practicing with Raleigh therapeutic, restorative, and physically and mentally enriching. I have never left a class without being very glad I came!
-Wendy Lisowski

I have had severe chronic joint pain in my neck and both knees for 13 years. Three years ago I had to have spinal fusion surgery to fix the herniated disc in my neck. After numerous treatments and therapies, I still struggle with chronic pain. I now manage my pain with gentle, low-impact movement, of which I find Yoga to be the most beneficial. I'm so thankful that I found Raleigh's expertise as a yoga instructor a few minutes from home. Raleigh always emphasizes correct body mechanics and teaches me how to practice without placing unhealthy stress on any joint. I get a lot of relief from my pain when I practice with Raleigh. Not all Yoga teachers have the attentiveness and concern for your individual needs. Feel completely confident when choosing Raleigh as an instructor who can help you with your pain.
-Claudia Jones 

I was very pleased to find such an experienced and professional yoga instructor here in Monument! Raleigh Dove provides an environment that is true to the comprehensive teachings of yoga. Particularly for beginners, she pays close attention to each student. The care she shows her students is above and beyond any instructor I have worked with in the past. Thank you Raleigh!
-Allison Schlesinger

Raleigh is a superb yoga instructor, infusing her class with grace and the intent to honor yourself during your practice.  Her well-hewn yoga expertise and knowledge of anatomy ensure a safe yoga journey whatever your condition and she generously gives each one the attention he/she needs. Her passion for yoga is infectious -- if you want to open your spirit, connect with your heart, develop strength (both mind and body), and have a great time, come to Raleigh's class! You'll never want to leave. 
-Kathryn Hart

After practicing with almost a dozen different instructors over the last couple of years, I am thrilled to have found Raleigh Dove at Yoga Pathways. Raleigh's fun yet peaceful personality and method of teaching create a non-threatening environment for any level of yoga and any spiritual faith - an aspect which was very important in my decision of where to practice yoga. And though her thorough knowledge and experience with yoga are clearly evident, I believe her greatest talents show through the intuitive guidance and attentiveness she provides each individual student. I am so grateful to Raleigh for her ever-expanding knowledge of yoga therapy and her gentle dedication to each of her students. She truly desires to help guide her students into a healthier life through yoga. I leave class refreshed - both physically and mentally!   
-Coleen Bever

Another yoga teacher recommended Raleigh's classes to for knee surgery recovery. It was a great idea and I've stayed with it for several years now. With Raleigh's individualized attention I am able to do more with my knee and entire body than I ever thought possible. The classes are fun, energizing, and I leave feeling relaxed and ready for life "off the mat".
-Paula Templin

My mind and body both know the wonderful effects of yoga. I am a professional rider and trainer for horses and my job entails long hours on my feet at the horse shows. My yoga has improved my strength and posture for work. My mind has learned to become silent, and my body to stay with my breath and relax when I am training a horse. I tend to have lots of lower back pain and locking up on long days. Raleigh and I had a discussion about my problems with my back. She gave me several simple poses I could do during my long days to help me. I was excited to report that now I don’t lock up anymore! She has also had wonderful effects on my position in the saddle and balance. My whole body is much more limber and relaxed now. Thanks for all your help and support Raleigh! 
-Ann Fouret, Fouret Farms

Raleigh Dove is a superb yoga instructor. I have been involved in a variety of her classes for the last five years and can heartily recommend her. Raleigh's classroom presence is one of expert calmness yet with a fun loving side. She asks for requests & questions and is always willing to assist with alternative pose suggestions. Her knowledge of yoga is exemplary...Since practicing with Raleigh, my personal levels of strength, stamina and flexibility have all increased significantly. Plus, her yoga classes are fun, relaxing and provide a continual learning experience.
-Carol Lynch, 

 At the behest of my physician I sought yoga as therapy for my back pain. I'm very fortunate to have found Raleigh Dove; she has taught me certain therapeutic yoga exercises that I've found very beneficial. Raleigh is an impressive trainer, she is quite knowledgeable and thoroughly professional. I highly recommend her as a yoga instructor.
-Bill Hallmark, O.D.
From the very first moment you are on your mat, Raleigh knows your body and works hard coaching, and inspiring her students to get to know their own bodies and mind. Each class is designed to help her students reach their goals. She is the best Yoga instructor I have ever had.
-Lorraine S.